1800S- Vibration Monitor

Precision Vibration monitoring system provides essential protection for the critical equipment likes fans, Motors, pumps Compressor. It Measures the vibration with accelerometer when it is mounted on the machine and generates relay output for Alarm or shutdown the vibration levels exceed the preset threshold value. 


Precision Vibration monitor has brought digital display and front end key available for set point. User can Set their Alarm and Trip Velocity using available keys in the front end.


Precision Vibration monitoring system has user friendly system comes with the multiple channel, it  vary depends upon the user requirement.






Optimum Output
Top Class Quality
Hi-tech Technology Used



S.No Specifications Details
1 Model No 1800S
2 Type Microcontroller based with inbuilt Digital Display
3 No of channel 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 (As per customer requirement)
4 Input From Contact type Accelerometer
5 Measured Variable 0-50mm/sec RMS (As per customer requirement)
6 Input impedance 50kΩ
7 Input Sensitivity 100mV/g
8 Standard As per API 670
9 Environmental Condition 0 to 65˚C
10 Display type 7Segment ½” LED Display
11 No of Digit Four
12 Resolution 1 digit
13 Indication Provided

Alarm            - 3mm LED
Trip                - 3mm LED

OK                 - 3mm LED

14 Output 4-20mA DC Analog output for each channel / 0-2V DC
15 Output impedance 100ohms(load resistance)
16 No of Relay Two for Alert and Trip
17 Relay contact detail 1A,240VAc/220VDC, 1C/o relay
18 Power Supply 230V AC @50Hz
19 Enclosure IP 55