Flow Indicator Cum Totalizer

Flow indicator is based on flow application and the type of flow data signal, hence this model can be used to measure both VOLUMETRIC amd MASS FLOW measurments. The instrument accepts any predefined linear type of signal and converts it into INSTANTANEOUS FLOW RATE to a resolution of 4/4.5 digits.





Mixing operation in Chemical/Pharma
Fuel Consumption
Custody transfer





S.No Specifications Details
1 Input 4-20 mA 
2 Display   5 Digit with 7 segment Red colour for Flow rate 8 Digit with 7 Segment Red colour for total value
3 Indicator range 0-9999
4 Accuracy   1% of FS
5 Ambient  0 to 55 ° C
6 Dimension  96(H) X 96 (W) X 150 (D)
7 Enclosure  Weather proof 
8 Mounting   Panel Mounting 
9 Retransmission O/p 4-20 mA   (Isolated)
10 Serial O/p   RS-485 with Modbus
11 Relay Contacts 2 Relay will be provided.
12 Calibration   Through Front end Keys
13 Settings
  • Input range/ Input type
  • Display settings
  • Unit of measure
14 Power Supply 230V AC/110V AC
15 Alarm/Trip Alarm/ Trip set ranges will be Configurable with hysteresis.
16 Security Password Protection