Explosion Proof

PIE 1800D Vibration Switch provides essential protection for the critical equipment likes fans, Motors, pumps, Compressor and cooling towers. It Measures the vibration with accelerometer when it is mounted on the machine and generates relay output for Alarm or shutdown the vibration levels exceed the preset threshold value. 


PIE 1800D  Explosion Proof Vibration Switch ideal to use the following applications Intrinsic Safe Ex(i), IP65 –IN-05 Suitable to Zone 1 & 2, Gas Group IIA/IIB, Temperature Class T3.


PIE Vibration switch has brought digital display and front end key available for set point. User can Set their Alarm and Trip Velocity using available keys in the front end.






Optimum Output
Top Class Quality
Hi-tech Technology Used



S.No Specifications Details
1 Make & Model Precision – 1800/D
2 Sensor Accelerometer
3 Indicator Seven segment LED Display for Vibration range.
4 LED Indicator Power
5 Velocity Range 0-50mm/sec
6 Output 4-20 mA
7 Alarm set point User can set velocity range (0-50mm/sec)
8 Alarm delay 1-15sec
9 Min Frequency 3Hz
10 Max Frequency 100Hz
11 Sensor cable 2meter Armored Cable with SS316 Double Compression Cable Gland – IN-01
12 Power Supply 230V AC 50Hz
13 Max Acceleration ±5g peak
14 Relay for Alarm & Trip DPDT contact provided –IN-02
15 Ratings 4A@30V DC & 1A@250V DC
16 Non fail-safe Relay normally closed type and open to Alarm-IIN-03
17 Operating temperature -10⁰C to 50⁰C
18 Terminal Blocks Screw Type
19 Indicator Mounting Type Wall Mounting
20 Protection Type Intrinsic Safe Ex(i), IP65 –IN-05
21 Area Classification Zone 1 & 2, Gas Group IIA/IIB, Temperature Class T3
22 Cable Entry 2Nos of 0.5NPT along with 2Nos of 0.5NPT FLP Double compression SS-316 cable glands without check nut and PVC shroud, Gasket-Neoprene.