Bar Graph Indicator

Bar Graph Indicator takes 4-20mA Dc currents as input and 4-20mA DC as an output. Bar Graph Indicators, additional capabilities have been added by way of multi-serial ports, Ethernet ports and relay outputs. The model is available in single & dual channel format.















Monitoring of level, vibration & flow
Alarm/Trip Unit
On / Off controller

Digital switch
Gas Detection











S.No Specifications Details
1 Input 4-20 mA DC linear
2 Input Impedance >1M ohm
3 Resolution 1%
4 Accuracy +/- 0.1% 
5 Display 2 Nos. 4 digit digital display formed by 8mm, 7 segments RED LED, will have Decimal selection, Display in engineering units like mm WC, m3/hr &Amp etc.
6 No. of digits Four separately for the two channels
7 Response time input to analog o/p 1 Second or less
8 Power supply 220V +/- 10V AC, 50HZ 
9 Power Output 24V DC Power supply for transmitters@30mA
10 Mounting Panel Mounting
11 No. of channel

Dual Channel

12 Output per Channel

i)Two independent Relay O/P with potential free, failsafe, Changeover type NO/NC contacts for high/low Alarm . Alarm Adjustments will be accessible from front facial the monitor.

ii) RS485(Modbus) Serial interface, 2 wire system

14 Retransmission output One per channel (4-20mA) isolated
15 Configuration Accessibility By accessible keypad from front panel
16 Ambient condition 

Temp : -10-55 deg.C

RH : 30-90%
17 Panel Cut out for mounting  138(H)X68(W) (all in mm)